Be Comfortable Being Vulnerable

By David Ellis


Struggling to break the surface

Celestial breathing across a rippling ocean of chaotic paradise

Ignoring the flaws on purpose is to deny their intricate beauty

Hoping against hope

The language of the heart

Translates into the purest of possibilities

The secrets of the universe

Have been lost, gone for far too long

A greed for dreams that no longer mean

what they once did when they were first conceived

Love in absence, for only those who give up on love are truly lost

An emptiness whose vintage thirst cannot be quenched

Life is far more complicated when it is straightforward

When there is no hope or elements of chance

It is completely robbed of romance

How far away the stars seem when you are uncomfortable in your own skin

Courageous curiosity unravels sensual mysteries

There is no room, rhyme, religion or reason to sacrifice sincerity

Innocence shattered when it comes face to face with experience

Compassion fills the void becoming what we need to survive

Kindness creates confidence from others, the redeeming principle of our times

Be comfortable being vulnerable for that is when your beauty will shine


IndyEllisDavid Ellis is an author of poetry, lyrics and short stories.He enjoys films, puns, cats, dogs and other furry animals but not snakes. Indiana Jones is his spirit animal. He waxes poetic over at and his Twitter handle is also @TooFullToWrite because he believes consistency is key and eating is cheating when drinking (except for tacos, then all bets are off).


4 thoughts on “Be Comfortable Being Vulnerable

  1. Reblogged this on toofulltowrite (I've started so I'll finish) and commented:
    Hey everyone. I’ve got a guest post today over at The Wri-Ters Establishment today thanks to Briton Underwood (AKA Punk Rock Papa) and Rachel Bledsoe (AKA The Misfits of a Mountain Mama. Come over and read the poem and check out some other awesome work by Briton, Rachel and other special guests and you’ll have a blast 🙂


  2. Being vulnerable isn’t easy, especially for me and especially when I became a mom. This was a beautiful poem. The words rang true to life; my life. Thank you.


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