Halloween Edition: The Ghost of Poe

I discovered this exquisitely written piece today, and immediately asked the author, David Ellis from toofulltowrite.com, if I could share this with our readers. He said yes. He originally wrote this piece from a prompt given on the site, Hastywords. It is a wonderful way to show how an idea can evolve into a beautiful piece of prose and pay homage to the writers from the past. From the writers at Wri-Ters Establishment, we wish you much word love and a spectacular Halloween.  

“The Ghost of Poe”

By: David Ellis

Sitting yonder by the window frame, as I deeply ponder
Sleepless nights and of dreamscapes which I cannot wake
The darkness beckons me, a thick, black tar filled sea
Where forgotten realms, wispy, smoky, take lucid shape

Quicksand would be quick but this is far, far from it
Smothering, enveloping me in a vintage, accursed breath
Fighting foolishly, a ghastly, exasperating abomination
Fear, frustration and devastation strewn across my bed

Chasing danger and desire through an endless forest
Stared at by aggressive animals casting evil shadows
Snow swirling in a storm stripping me of direction
I have no choice but to soldier on and keep on going

Making sense of this peculiar nonsense slowly at first
Each piece of the puzzle falling delicately into place
Then wolves! They howl in sonorous rhythm together as one
Aching to jump my bones and make me their helpless victim

Through fevered illusions, I see you, tasting the blood of our love
A hazy malaise, I swallow, half-crazed, until I’ve eaten far too much
Snakes, rats and monsters then take turns invading my consciousness
Clamouring for attention, screaming at the top of their voices

Speaking in tongues, a myriad of guttural, quizzical languages
Pointing their paws and claws as fingers, accusatory glances
Then you pounce, a scolding ice queen banishing them away
Before turning your misguided wrath and ire, directing it at me

You murdered innocence for the sake of your own convenience
Slaked your own lust at the expense of another’s feelings
So now it’s inside the walls of my mind where you will reside
Brick by painful brick, I’ve blocked you off and left you to die

At times I wonder, sitting despondently, if I have been possessed
Does the Ghost of Poe and his visions reside within my reluctant chest?
Will I ever shake off the shackles of this nightmarish experience?
Will I ever be able to yearn, to burn, to find true love again?

Or will I sink without a trace, deep into this darkness?
I would ask a raven or a cat but they would not answer back
But I now have faith in love, it’s not the nightmare it once was
Finding solace in prose and comfort in elegant, gorgeous words

So I’ll use them to create worlds and make ours a better place
Banishing the pain and suffering that you helped to create
The Ghost of Poe has taught me that I really should let go
And with it my nightmares will pale and no longer haunt me so
Forever more




David Ellis is an author of poetry, lyrics and short stories.He enjoys films, puns, cats, dogs and other furry animals but not snakes. Indiana Jones is his spirit animal. He waxes poetic over at http://www.toofulltowrite.com and his Twitter handle is also @TooFullToWrite because he believes consistency is key and eating is cheating when drinking (except for tacos, then all bets are off).


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